Pairing the Bluetooth

First you’ll need to login on your SailPi and of course have a internet connection.

As a start for making it possible to pair the Bluetooth device with SailPi you’ll need to run: vi /var/lib/connman/settings

In that file you’ll need to switch in the [Bluetooth] section to: Enable=true

Then save and quit

You will also need to restart Connman with this command: systemctl restart connman

Then run: pkcon install bluez-test

When it’s done,  run “/usr/lib/bluez/test/simple-agent hci0 <bt_address>


Enter your key on the SailPi and then the same on your device. (If it’s a keyboard you might have to type the same key and hit Enter)


If it didn’t connect but it’s paired. Then run: “/usr/lib/bluez/test/test-input connect <bt_address>” (Hint: After reboot, run this command again)


Notice that <bt_address> could have the MAC address as following example: 00:07:61:FF:DC:C6

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