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5 thoughts on “The team

  1. Hi guys !

    I love the sail pi project, it seems to be the only way to have a very nice gui with raspberry pi and touchscreen.
    I owned a raspberry pi3, tried the sail version in development for pi3.
    Few bugs, no wifi driver and issues with virtual keyboard. Is there a stable release of sailpi for raspi3 ? It would be awesome ! Thanks !


    1. Hello Pierre! I haven’t been a part of this project lately. And I can only assume that ‘locusf’ doesn’t have the time. It’s sadly but true. I’m sorry about that!

      Just as a note: I don’t own a Raspberry Pi3. I’ll might get one soon.

      Once again, I apologize for this!

      — Mathias Lindström


  2. Is this project still alive? Interested in Sailfish but I’m in the US so getting a device might be difficult to impossible. Was hoping to see a vibrant community similar to the old Maemo days. Sigh.


    1. Hi! I’m sorry to tell you that none of us have the time to maintain this project for now. But in the future we might release a newer build. We have talked about going for Nemo instead of Sailfish OS due to minor changes. Stay tuned and follow locusf or kuzeyron @twitter.


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