SailPi, with SailfishOS now available!


After a couple of days of testing and fixing bugs in the SailPi adaptation for SailfishOS version, I’ve managed to return the status of the adaptation back to normal. Things like mouse and keyboard work out of the box, provided you configure the hardware keyboard layout in the Settings and you have the correct driver for your mouse.

Here is the image file:


30 thoughts on “SailPi, with SailfishOS now available!

    1. Hi!

      I have yet to test the Raspberry Pi camera as I don’t have it. Maybe Matias could test it?

      – Aleksi

      On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 3:26 AM, Sailfish on Raspberry Pi2 wrote:



      1. In that case I can test the camera for you if the camera app is available on the GUI. Would there be a camera app to test it on?


  1. Hi there,

    Do you need to have linux to write the file onto the sd card? If not which program should I use if I have a windows computer?



    1. No, you don’t. I had the same problem, but I went to the Raspberry Pi website and downloaded Etcher. It’s a free program and it works great for all file types. You just have to remember to unzip the image from the .xz file before you try to write it. This can be done with 7-zip or WinRAR.


      1. Ok thank you, on that note would you know how I would change my screen orientation.

        I tried the steps that you gave in the installation but there is no file to change.

        Again any help is appreciated

        Thanks again!


    1. Hi,

      Its possible by changing the environment variable in /usr/share/lipstick-glacier-home-qt5/nemovars.conf from 1 to 2.

      On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 11:01 PM, Sailfish on Raspberry Pi2 wrote:



  2. Hi, I’m not able to open application menu on demo screen. There is text “Swipe from bottom to open application menu” and arrow animation but this is impossible by mouse also by touchscreen.


      1. Hi

        Unfortunately I cannot test with this screen. Also the driver for the touchscreen needs to be non-userspace, ie. in the kernel, so that evdev can pick it up.


      2. I had Josef’s problem too on a Pi2. For me the (partial) solution was to mount the image under Linux and add the empty indicator files to skip the demo as described in your comment on the install page. Unfortunately, however, the same problem appears to prevent minimizing applications. I’m also finding that the mouse cursor gets corrupted (or disappears semi-permanently) every time I touch the side of the screen. Reinstalling the image several times did not fix all of this.

        – Raspberry Pi 2
        – HDMI-to-VGA adaptor
        – VGA monitor
        – USB mouse
        – USB-to-PS/2
        – PS/2 keyboard
        – EdiMax USB WiFi



  3. Does anyone here know would it be possible to run or port SailfishOS 2.0 on 64bit ARM A53 SoC which AFAIK is armv8hl processor architecture? I’m acquiring the PINE A64+ Single board computer that has Arm A53 SoC in it and was wondering can armv7hl build or some other build of SailfishOS run on it or not?


  4. Trying to get this to work with the offical rpi2 touchscreen. What is required to make it use the touchscreen over the hdmi?


  5. Sorry… I mean…
    I have Raspberry 2 with official touchscreen …
    my screen does not turn on… is black … just some solution ….


  6. Oh Universe indeed. I came across this blog post at the perfect time! Dealing with some things that I can’t seem to shake off..err.. people that I can’t seem to shake off and your “who ca8#&ser221; struck home nicely! Exactly what I needed so… I thank you! xoxoxoxo.


  7. Is there a specific reason why Android support is limited to Jolla hardware? If so what are those specific reasons. Thank you


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